Community members with voter-related paperwork

After you have a core group of students and university buy-in, it’s time to partner with community organizations dedicated to the cause of getting out the vote.

There are many organizations you can team up with, both non-partisan and partisan. 


Statewide organizations dedicated to educating and mobilizing voters include the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania (see the list of over 30 Leagues in the state by region), Keystone Progress Education Fund, NAACP State Conference, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Fund.

National organizations doing this work include Nonprofit VOTE, TurboVote, and ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge


Your campus team could also work with partisan political organizations. While you may want to keep your group non-partisan, you can team up with other groups on campus to hold voter registration drives. Some organizations hold joint events with both major political parties. Sponsored debates between Democrats and Republicans can be a good way to generate a crowd.

Here are some options of groups you can partner with: 

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Party
  • Pennsylvania Republican Party
  • Local county parties. There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania, and most of them have their own county party structure. Contact your local Democratic and Republican county committees to see if they can help get out the vote on campus. 
  • Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women
  • Candidates running for office and their campaigns
    • In even-numbered years: president, governor, U.S. Congress, U.S. and Pennsylvania House and Senate races, and Pennsylvania row offices and judicial races
    • In odd-numbered years: local municipal campaigns including county commissioner, county row offices, county and magisterial district judges, supervisors, city and borough councils, mayors, school boards, and more

Local county parties can put you in touch with local candidates running for office. Candidates and their campaign staff may even be willing to help you out.

Let’s make something together.

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